Sunday, 11 March 2018

DIY Kitchen Planner - Recycling Craft

It's been a while since I posted any recycling craft here.I'm a pack rat,as I've mentioned here .I can't throw away anything that I even remotely feel can be reused or recycled. So when I ended up breaking a photo frame when we moved house, I turned it into a kitchen planner. Before a few years a Kitchen planner would have been the last thing I would've crafted. I could pull out a shopping list right out of my head without even having to look into the Fridge and the cupboards. Well when you are a mother of two kids you reach a point where you miss to even buy things which are on the list you have in your hands ,let's not talk about forgetting to take that list ! Well there is an upside to the forgetfulness ,you'd become an expert at finding the substitute for things. Like when you forget to buy Flour to make a cake or make a makeshift envelope.Though I'm yet to find the substitute for salt which I sometimes manage to forget !

I added a few things to the old frame,which I found in my craft box and my daughter's pencil pouch .
A couple of buttons, some colourful tape, one of those pen caps which are always lying around with the pen missing and some post it notes.
It looks both decorative on the Kitchen wall and serves it's purpose, meaning I write the stuff I need on it before I forget them.

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Quilled Wall Hanging

 After what seems like ages I sat with my quilling supplies to make this wall hanging.The house and the fence were made with modelling clay.

I've always wanted to try out quilled alphabets and they turned out cuter than I expected.

This is my best friend,my bicycle,I look at it almost like a companion. I've always had one right from my childhood.And nothing beats the happiness in riding it and exploring new places.

And here's my attempt to quill something similar....

It took sometime to finish this wall hanging,but filled me with  a lot of happiness :)

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Crochet Mermaid

It is very difficult to not get excited about Mermaids and Fairies when you're surrounded by little girls,their excitement can be real contagious. After all don't we grown ups love watching Dragon Queens and White Walkers :)

I found this pattern  at Blackhatllama,she had very generously shared the pattern,and her Mermaid looks super cute !
I followed the pattern fully except for the fins,which I'll soon update here.

And there's our little mermaid lazing on the beach :)

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Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Crafting !

Spring is my favourite season of the year,it's a joy to watch things bloom,get your hands dirty with planting seeds and to just look at the different shades of green after the bleak grey winter days.And this year despite the coldness the sun decided to cheer us up by showing up more often and chased the rain clouds away.Easter is usually a very quite thing at home,But this time with the kids having two weeks of easter holidays,we decided to decorate our windows.The Crafting kept us busy during the holidays and it did add more colour to the otherwise beautiful spring outside.
Little girl and I painted these eggs:
I just made two tiny holes on the two corners of the egg and using a straw blew out the white and yellow portion into a bowl.

The eggs drying after their first coat of paint :)

Then we decided to make them more colourful and painted our designs on them

This is a little paper craft that we made for our window 

I did the drawing while my daughter did the cutting and pasting.

Finally we stringed the eggs and hung them on the window :) 

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Crochet Doll - Key Chain Hanger

It's real long since I posted here.I crocheted this little doll here recently,She's very easy to make and looks super cute.

The pattern is very easy ,with two small single crochet balls and one single crcohet hood and ears.
Will soon be updating the pattern here.

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

DIY Felt Baby Mobile

This is something I crafted for my little one's crib.
I just used somethings from our craft box to make this mobile,the crafting mainly kept my older one occupied for sometime.

I did the drawing and sewing ,while my then 5 year old did the cutting.
They were very cute and colourful !

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Crochet Hair Band - Simple Pattern

Crochet Accessories are pretty easy to make and look really cute with their appealing colours.

My little girl was super excited when I made this cutie for her :)
For the base :
-Chain depending on the length of an old band 
-Turn and single crochet along the chain.
-Repeat twice more,turning after each row.
-Wrap it around the band and make a slip stitch throughout the length,joining both the edges.
For the bow:
-Chain 6 stitiches
-Treble crochet in the the second  5th chain from hook.
-Treble crochet again in the same chain .
-Chain 4 and slip stitch in the same chain.(this would complete one half of the bow)
-Again chain 4 and treble crochet in the same chain(this starts the second half of the bow)
-Treble crochet twice in the same chain.
-Chain 4 and slip stitch in the same chain.
-Fasten off by going once around the middle to make a nice bow.
-Stitch a bead in the middle of the bow.

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