Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Birthday Name Plate - Foam Sheet Craft !

Little girl turned 3 recently. I asked her what theme she'd like for her birthday expecting her to say 'Hello Kitty' or ''All pink' or 'Winnie the Pooh'.But then she surprised me by telling 'Pocoyo'.The shops here seemed to be filled with decorations for Hello Kitty and 'Princess Birthday' theme for girls and 'Cars' for boys.So this is a name plate that I made out of Foam sheet for her B'day.I initially planned to make it out of
cardboard and chart,but I found lots of foam sheets on sale in a shop so decided to make it with them instead.Honestly they came out very neatly that I was glad that I had decided to go with Foam sheet :)

Thanks for stopping by ! Happy Crafting !


  1. Lovely.. Your kid would have loved this colorful nameplate!

    1. Thanks a lot Sangeetha ! Yup she loved it :)

  2. Hi Reni !!

    Belated b'day wishes for your kid. I am sure she loved the colorful nameplate.

    Take care


  3. wow reni,
    i didn't you have another blog....you very creative...will try some of them..