Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pom Pom Flowers

Pom Poms , guess most of us would have memories of making this as kids.I still remember when I was taught to make this in school, we kids went crazy making this all the time in different colours and sizes. These pom poms are made using forks of different sizes and are hence hassle free.You don't need to cut cardboard pieces to make them:)
You'll Need :

How to Make:

This is how they look after they are trimmed.


I tied each of them to a small twig.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Sketch Pen Birdhouse - Recycling Craft & A Makeover !

I had been concentrating on  my cooking blog and had totally neglected my poor craft blog.Neither did I like the name nor the appearance of it,so decided to give it a face lift today :) Collected all my craft supplies to make a colorful background ,found that I had so much that I had been accumulating over the past few years :)As for the name,it's easy to guess :) Was teaching my daughter to play Rock-Paper-Scissors,when I suddenly felt that Hook-Paper-Scissors sounds definitely more interesting than my previous title 'Get Crafting'.

Coming to today's post,I'm a person who can't simply throw away things unless I know that I can't make anything else out of them.Hubby feels that I have some problem with discarding things :) I have a huge carton full of things that I intend to recycle,hopefully ! Little Girl loves coloring and scribbling. It was like she suddenly took an interest to coloring and scribbling when she just crossed her first birthday and yes my beige color Sofa is full of marks now :( So we bought this big bucket of sketch pens so that it'll be easier to clean up and remove the marks.Now she's lost interest in coloring and I was left with a bucket of used Sketch pens.Seriously I couldn't get myself to throw those little colorful sticks in the bin :( So kept stocking them up until I came up with this simple idea.

 It's very simple to make .I just used an old face cream container,some cardboard and a double sided sellotape apart from the sketch pens.

 I used an old unused marker and the lid of an old box to connect both the parts of the bird house.
I wanted to make a small bird (something that resembled a bird actually :)) for the birdhouse.Guess that's easy to figure out.It's the box found in Kinder Joy Chocolate.Little girl loves it and sometimes I give in and get her one.She collects the toys inside while I collect the boxes.I just glued a pair of eyes and a straw to it :)

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