Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Crochet Hello Kitty Key Chain Hanger with Pattern

I crocheted these Hello Kitties for a charity event at my daughter's Kindergarten.
They are pretty easy to make and look real cute...

Much to my surprise almost 90% of them were sold out in no time :)

And now for the pattern.
You'll Need:
Crochet Hook - size 2.5 or 3
Yarn - White,pink and black
Stuffing to fill
Keychain hangers
Beads for the nose and the eyes and the flower and sewing needle
Crochet 2 of the the Hello Kitties given below

Stitch the two pieces together with white yarn or do a single crochet around with both of the pieces held together.When you are almost done,Stuff with stuffing and crochet around still they are fully attached.Attach the Key Chain.Sew the eyes,nose and whiskers.
For the flower:
Chain 6,sl into the second chain from the hook.
Chain 1 sc,hdc(half double crochet) ,dc(double crochet) twice,hdc,sc,sl into next chain.
Repeat this 4 more times in the remaining 4 chain stitches.
sl and finish off.
Sew the white bead in the centre and sew the flower to the Hello Kitty.

Thanks for stopping by ! Happy Crocheting !

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