Sunday, 11 March 2018

DIY Kitchen Planner - Recycling Craft

It's been a while since I posted any recycling craft here.I'm a pack rat,as I've mentioned here .I can't throw away anything that I even remotely feel can be reused or recycled. So when I ended up breaking a photo frame when we moved house, I turned it into a kitchen planner. Before a few years a Kitchen planner would have been the last thing I would've crafted. I could pull out a shopping list right out of my head without even having to look into the Fridge and the cupboards. Well when you are a mother of two kids you reach a point where you miss to even buy things which are on the list you have in your hands ,let's not talk about forgetting to take that list ! Well there is an upside to the forgetfulness ,you'd become an expert at finding the substitute for things. Like when you forget to buy Flour to make a cake or make a makeshift envelope.Though I'm yet to find the substitute for salt which I sometimes manage to forget !

I added a few things to the old frame,which I found in my craft box and my daughter's pencil pouch .
A couple of buttons, some colourful tape, one of those pen caps which are always lying around with the pen missing and some post it notes.
It looks both decorative on the Kitchen wall and serves it's purpose, meaning I write the stuff I need on it before I forget them.

Thanks for Stopping by ! Have a nice day !


  1. Reni your kitchen planner is beautiful. Very creatively u have recycled the frame and other things.

  2. That's a lovely kitchen planner!:) And you have recycled lots of things making it.
    Ask me about forgetting things, I am always thinking is it about getting older or that we have too many thoughts piling on in mind. I guess I need a planner in each room:D