Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Crafting !

Spring is my favourite season of the year,it's a joy to watch things bloom,get your hands dirty with planting seeds and to just look at the different shades of green after the bleak grey winter days.And this year despite the coldness the sun decided to cheer us up by showing up more often and chased the rain clouds away.Easter is usually a very quite thing at home,But this time with the kids having two weeks of easter holidays,we decided to decorate our windows.The Crafting kept us busy during the holidays and it did add more colour to the otherwise beautiful spring outside.
Little girl and I painted these eggs:
I just made two tiny holes on the two corners of the egg and using a straw blew out the white and yellow portion into a bowl.

The eggs drying after their first coat of paint :)

Then we decided to make them more colourful and painted our designs on them

This is a little paper craft that we made for our window 

I did the drawing while my daughter did the cutting and pasting.

Finally we stringed the eggs and hung them on the window :) 

Thanks for stopping by ! Happy Easter 

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