Friday, 9 January 2015

Quilled Wall Hanging

I've wanted to make these quilled bells for a long time,It took me five to 6 attempts before I got them right.I realised that they were meant to be made by nimble fingered, patient people and not a restless person like me :P

     Christmas season is over and it's time to throw the Christmas tree away.This year we were blessed with  a beautiful tree,just the right size,shape and stayed fresh for almost 1.5 months. Doesn't the tree almost become a part of the family during Christmas.Hubby & I stayed up late on Christmas's eve after our daughter went to bed ,to pack her gifts.She had already told Santa that she wanted everything to do with Princess Anna & Elsa :)

   And not to forget our thoughtful Neighbours who leave gifts at our doorstep.My daughter strongly believes that it's Santa and not the neighbours who leave her gifts, and asks why she needs to thank the neighbours every year :)

Thanks for stopping by ! Have a nice day !


  1. It's looking very beautiful!!:)

  2. Beautiful wall hanging. Adorable christmas tree.

  3. This is stunning! Loved it :) Came across your blog for first time and loving it :)